Demonstrate and communicate value with a comprehensive, customized and evidence-driven Global Value Dossier

In the context of an increasingly complex healthcare and payer environment, development and alignment on a product value proposition is essential to gaining successful market access for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Gaining effective market access necessitates a number of strategies and tools, of which a Global Value Dossier (GVD) that clearly and succinctly articulates a relevant and differentiating product value proposition is key

The GVD is a comprehensive information resource that optimizes product value demonstration and communication, incorporating:

  • A needs assessment to identify gaps, barriers, and opportunities in order to establish a compelling evidence package that supports value messages and positions the treatment strategy as an integral part of disease management
  • A differentiated product value proposition, tailored to different stakeholder needs
  • A value story that allows stakeholders to understand and evaluate the overall unmet need and how this can be reduced as well as the budget-impact implications across the healthcare system
  • An evidence-based objection handler addressing potential doubts of the new treatment strategy
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