Manufacturing Strategy & Operations

The rapidly shifting global environment both in end consumer expectations and input factors such as labour and energy, and an accelerating rate of innovation by digital and manufacturing 4.0 influence, make manufacturing strategy and decision making an increasingly daunting yet pressing task.

Our services aim to improve those activities that are core to generating value for your customer and address their current needs. At the basis is the definition of an adequate manufacturing strategy which enables the execution of the direction set by the business and commercial strategy.

The manufacturing network and service model will determine how your company delivers on its strategic differentiators by making a structural trade-off between market and product/service coverage, quality, flexibility, innovation and cost. Delivering and executing the strategy in the most efficient way is at the core of operations management. It strives to set up all core and non-core manufacturing functions, in such a way that efficiency is maximized while delivering high quality products.

The manufacturing strategy & operations offering aims to improve strategic / tactical / operational processes in line with the business strategy. It ranges from the definition of the manufacturing strategy until the delivery of the strategy by running efficient and effective operations to enable customer value creation and business performance.

Bottom-line benefits

We help our clients transform their manufacturing organisations and deliver direct impact by:

  • Defining the strategic direction and priorities in light with global trends in the industry
  • Redesign network footprint to meet strategic priorities at optimal cost
  • Align operational management with strategic direction of the organisation
  • Designing the operating model and best-fit governance model for indirect manufacturing support
  • Increase quality, improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost by focus on Right first time
  • Transform the traditional plant towards a digital, connected and smart manufacturing network

Deloitte's Manufacturing Strategy & Operations offering includes following services:

Deloitte’s Operations offering includes following services:

  • Manufacturing strategy, both in manufacturing and service environments
  • Manufacturing Footprint optimization, site selection and transfer
  • Operations excellence
  • Engineering & maintenance excellence
  • Quality excellence
  • NPI excellence
  • Target Operating Model
  • Manufacturing 4.0
  • Merger integration, divestitures, and CAPEX management

Topics in the spotlight

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