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Ready for take-off? The 'Decree on Basisbereikbaarheid' will fundamentally change mobility in Flanders. We need change and progress in a changing world. That is why 15 Flemish transport regions are discussing the future of mobility in their region. Within each council of the transport region, the municipalities are working together on a regional mobility plan, which should outline a long-term vision specific to the region.

Atelier demitro2 will assist seven of these regions in drawing up their regional mobility plans. Roeselare, Westhoek, Ostend, Bruges, Flemish Ardennes, Waasland and Aalst are already calling on our expertise. Throughout the entire process, we will involve citizens and interest groups and strive to find a balanced solution for all parties within the region.

Our cooperation did not happen by chance. We were the right people at the right time for the right assignment. We are Deloitte, MINT, Tractebel, Traject and O2. We are atelier demitro2, ready for take-off!

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