Pricing Strategy

Effectively balancing price and profit is one of the most enduring challenges in business. Monitor Deloitte's Pricing and Profitability Management practice helps organizations address the spectrum of commercial pricing strategies, processes, and capabilities to align them with business, marketing, customer segmentation, and channel strategies.   Starting with the drivers of customer value and layering on transaction-level analysis and insight, we help companies break down their business so they can see its many parts, identify the economic value of each product and customer, and devise ways to communicate and deliver that value to customers at prices that meet both customer expectations and profit objectives.

Deloitte assists organisations that want to


• Define a value-based pricing strategy

• Redesign pricing processes

• Perform profitability assessment

• Align sales to support pricing and profitability goals  

• Integrate pricing and tax functions

• Select the right solution for their pricing challenge

Deloitte Pricing Framework

The Deloitte Pricing Framework represents the six core competencies enabling an organisation to realise the full benefits that pricing can bring. 


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“We know exactly what goes into the cost of each of our goods and services.”

“Our sales force is focused on deal profitability.”

“A 10% increase in the price of our premier product would lead to a 3% increase in revenue…with no net effect on market share.”

Deloitte can help you develop the support for such statements – and help you organise the data to back them up, too.

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Marc Abels

Marc Abels

Strategy, Analytics and M&A Leader

Marc has 17 years of consulting experience with a focus on Sales & Marketing. Currently, Marc is a partner in the SBD offiering and taking up the role of leading partner for the SAMA portfolio. He has... More