10th Annual European and Global Pricing Conference

Barcelona / 26 – 28 November

This year the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) reaches another milestone, as it organises its 10th Annual European and Global Pricing Conference. Deloitte is proud to sponsor and partly host this conference. During this anniversary-edition, Deloitte will share its pricing expertise with the world.

Price Setting for New Products & Services - Marc Abels

Setting the price of a new product or service is too often perceived as an unfounded process of speculation. Deloitte has developed a framework for pricing new products and services. The framework is built on a structured – ‘validated learning’ - approach to gradually solve these uncertainties and set your price in an optimal way. 


Pricing, At Your Service – Avoiding the Commodity Price Trap by Introducing Value Adding Services - Cesar Bengoechea

When a product or service drifts toward the commodity category, customer focus gravitates towards price. Deloitte will share techniques and explore methods to take emphasis off price and keep commodity products profitable by introducing additional Value Added Services. 

Practical information about the Conference