Deloitte's M&A Central

Deloitte's M&A Central provides cutting-edge planning and execution expertise based on experience accumulated over 1,500 transactions

Deloitte's M&A Central includes best-in-class tools and accelerators covering the M&A lifecycle. All functionalities needed to run an effective M&A programme are gathered in one place. This enables real time and automated programme management

Deloitte's M&A Central clearly demonstrates strong benefits 


  • Streamlined Programme Management processes minimise time spent on administrative activities, allowing the team to focus on heart of the business issues, decisions, and opportunities
  • Programme Transparency in workstreams and workplans help progress towards milestones and interdependencies
  • Metrics Reporting eliminates the need for report 'consolidation' and streamlines the reporting cadence. This feature also facilitates easy exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Real-Time Knowledge Sharing capabilities strengthen client and team members’ ability to disseminate information across workstreams
  • Programme-Level Roadmaps allow for high-level insight into milestones and dependencies

The set of functionalities is highly tailored to support integrations and divestiture


·  Executive Programme Dashboards

·  Workstream Status Reporting

·  Programme Workplans

·  Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions Logs

·  Project Calendar and Roadmaps

·  Alerts and Interdependency Management

·  Blueprinting

·  Synergy Identification and Tracking

·  Document Storage Libraries with eRoom and Clean Room functionality

Moreover key features enhance user experience and distinguish Deloitte's M&A Central from other similar products


1. Intuitive user experience across multiple devices
   - Multi-platform / multi-device enabled (e.g. iPad)
    - Streamlined set-up wizard facilitates customisable programme structure
    - User access and permissions can be centrally managed across the site, providing secure access to data
2. Easy manipulation of data  or export to familiar applications
    - Variety of options to manage and edit data, including:

           - In-line editing directly in plans

             - Familiar modals provide additional detail on tasks, milestones, etc.

    - Data can be easily exported in client-ready PowerPoint slides, Excel, or .pdf formats

3. Customised dashboards for each user
    - Dedicated dashboards alert users to status of assigned workplan tasks and RAID items
    - Email alerts can be established to ensure action is taken on time sensitive tasks