Innovation Policy Services

Create fertile grounds for Innovation

Nevermore have (European) institutions, countries and regions been tested on their ability to turn the wheel on the economic crisis, whose shockwaves have impacted the lives of its citizens and businesses. Innovation is not only key to growth, but it also inspires people. We leverage our innovation experience to advise and collaborate with (European) governments and institutions on how to become more innovative and create fertile grounds for innovation.


Why we do it

As highlighted in Europe's 2020 and Innovation Union ambitions, governments and institutions are challenged to:

  • Provide innovative solutions for changing societal & industrial conditions, stimulate industrial leadership and economic growth;
  • Do more with less and become more innovative, and less bureaucratic, to adapt to a changing world and shifting citizen needs; 
  • Bring ideas closer to the market, create competitive advantage by really valorizing  the creative potential within our regions and through smart specialization. Investment in research should lead to impact on society and/or market;
  • Upscale local initiatives and connect innovators and other stakeholders through clusters and open innovation networks.
Innovation Policy Services – Create fertile grounds for Innovation

How we do it

Monitor Deloitte experts can help by advising (European) governments and institutions with their strategies and internal processes:

  • Work top-down, with upper echelons of public partners, to define adequate innovation strategies in response to societal and industrial forces of change;
  • Assess innovation maturity of governments and public institutions to benchmark their performance and identify areas of improvement. Inclusive approach, bottom-up, to stimulate creativity and foster innovation within the public entity.


Monitor Deloitte innovation professionals and subject matter experts will also tender to work together with (European) governments and institutions to:

  • Collaborate with government and institutions to leverage Monitor Deloitte’s expertise, in-depth sector knowledge and global network on specific projects to bridge the gap between private and public stakeholders (e.g. Public Private Partnerships). Advise on effective legislations and build regulatory frameworks that succeed in generating impact with innovation;
  • Impact Assessment of legislation, policies and instruments (e.g. Horizon 2020). Monitor Deloitte has the required experience and expertise to deliver on policies. Such as, facilitating clusters and larger eco-systems to foster and upscale innovation within and across countries and regions. 

What methodologies we use

The Five Innovation Strategies that provide guidance to how governments and institutions can innovate and what the benefits are for each Strategy?

Innovation is a continuous sequential process called the innovation cycle. This methodology stimulates governments and institutions to use multiple innovation approaches. Focus on process helps to overcome weaknesses in the public sector’s innovation cycle, while the organizational structures provides the bedrock for the innovation process to work. Included are tested tools and techniques for each stage in the innovation cycle.

We also apply our commercial Innovation Methodologies to make governments and institutions more innovative.

Monitor Deloitte’s Sources of Innovation model to identify where innovation can originate from and help to develop structural approach towards different stakeholders.