Sustainability Report

2020 Belgian Sustainability Report


Reduce CO2 emissions produced by our buildings

KPI - Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions per square metre produced by our buildings by 25% by FY21 and -40% by FY23 and -65% by FY30 (baseline FY17).

Build sustainably

For decades, environmentalists have been warning us of the alarming changes in the global climate and the exhaustion of non-renewable energy resources. So, the question is how can we drive efficiencies in our buildings and our business?

As a customer-centric company, we have 12 offices spread across Belgium to be closer to our clients. The upside is that our network gives our people more flexibility and the opportunity to work from a Deloitte office near them. For all our buildings, it involves making green-minded choices, and locating offices more centrally and accessibly so it is closer to public transport.

Move to more renewable real estate

Consolidating our four Brussels-Diegem offices in 2017 to its current location next to Brussels airport, our Gateway building is a good example of us taking steps in the right direction towards a smaller environmental footprint.

Downsizing from four buildings to one central location means that the CO2 consumption of the new premises is no less than 40% lower.

Being near the airport, the new building is ideally accessible via public transportation. There are direct train connections to Brussels, Leuven, Antwerp and Ghent, and several buses operate to and from the area every day.

Renew our energy

This moment is a defining opportunity for our firm to reimagine our business models and help shape a fossil-fuel-free future. Finding renewable energy solutions is at the heart of this. That is why we are considering approaches to replace existing pollution generation with zero-carbon generation. One of our current initiatives within infrastructure is the production of renewable energy.

Deloitte aims to produce 40% of its own renewable energy compared to its total consumption by 2023 and 100% by 2030.

At Deloitte, many environment-first initiatives are well underway but our strategy is not static; our approach and agenda evolves to meet changing expectations. Not only is greener mobility and adopting renewable alternatives key to meeting our sustainability aims, it is part of our commitment to do the right thing and make a positive difference in daily lives.

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