2021 Sustainability Report
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2021 Belgian

Sustainability Report

Pioneering a path towards a more sustainable future.

A message from our CEO

Doing what’s best for the planet, for future generations, takes collective action. Deloitte Belgium CEO Piet Vandendriessche shares how our organisation is working to create real impact through greener choices that drive meaningful, lasting change.

At a glance

Looking for a snapshot of our sustainability report highlights? Here you will find a high level overview of our report's key takeaways, including our achievements and future ambitions.

Impact areas

We want to do better for the planet. But where do you start? For us, we looked in the mirror and identified four main areas that we could improve upon: Mobility, Travel, Infrastructure and Greening up our firm. In each section, we elaborate on how we’re prioritising sustainability.


A fleet of opportunities

International travel

The best route forward


A greener work environment

Green our firm

Eco-friendly initiatives that reduce waste

Environmental policy

Our organisation is committed to tackling the significant environmental and energy impacts of our operations and value chain. Our sustainability policy outlines our commitment to the cause.

Performance scorecard

Have a look at our performance scorecard for a detailed explanation of our metrics, results, and targets.

Glossary of terms

Here you can find definitions of some widely-used terms found throughout our report.

Marking our green milestones

Sustainability is high on our agenda, and we’ve been taking great strides over the last few years to incorporate greener alternatives throughout our business. Watch a few of those highlights in the video below.