2021 Sustainability Report
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2021 Belgian Sustainability Report

Impact areas

Our global impact

WorldClimate is a commitment to achieve net-zero emissions within Deloitte by 2030, green-up our own operations and extend our impact beyond the organisation.

We are doing our part to help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement through a global climate strategy centred on changing behaviours within our organisation and among those we influence to take action.

The four pillars of Deloitte Global’s plan

  1. Reaching Net-Zero emissions by 2030 – Leveraging careful research and science-based recommendations to cut our carbon footprint and reach net-zero emissions within the next decade.
  2. Embed sustainability – Aligning our climate policies, practices, and actions across our organisation through climate-smart considerations and transparent reporting.
  3. Empowering individuals – Engaging all 300,000+ of its people to make responsible choices and influence those around them to do the same.
  4. Engaging ecosystems – Achieving change is easier when everyone works together. No single company can deal with today’s urgent issues alone. We invest heavily in collaborations with our alliances, industries, NGOs and clients to ensure our funds go towards transforming climate ecosystems.

Our local impact

Deloitte Belgium’s vision focuses on three specific pillars: reducing CO2 emissions, greening-up our firm, and empowering our people.

To start, we conducted an internal audit, which showed three carbon footprint hotspots where we could make the greatest short-term impact, namely mobility (our fleet), international travel, and infrastructure (our buildings).

To respond efficiently and effectively, we focused on reducing the fleet’s emissions, limiting travel, and switching buildings to renewable energy.

In a phased approach, we introduced improvements to each of these areas that would reduce our CO2 emissions within defined target areas and offset the remaining emissions in meaningful ways.

Our impact areas

We want to do better for the planet. But where do you start? For us, we looked in the mirror and identified four main areas that we could improve upon: Mobility, International travel, Infrastructure and Greening up our firm. In each section, we elaborate on how we’re prioritising sustainability.


A fleet of opportunities

International travel

The best route forward


A greener work environment

Green our firm

Eco-friendly initiatives that reduce waste