2021 Sustainability Report
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2021 Belgian Sustainability Report

Green our firm

Sustainability is more than just CO2 reduction or offsetting; we are striving to become a truly greener and cleaner firm. This intention requires the full commitment of all Deloitters to use energy and resources more efficiently and consider all the ways we can potentially reduce waste.

Cut down on paper consumption

Living in a digital age, our organisation employs many digital-first solutions to combat paper consumption. During the 2021 fiscal year, the percentage of paper consumed in our offices (by kilo) was -91%, due to both a change in behaviours as well as the majority of our people working remotely. Over the next several years, we will work to maintain these strong figures, with an ambition to reach -98% by 2030.

Paper consumption

With a digital-first mindset, we're making real progress towards reducing paper consumption in our offices.

KPI – Reduce the paper consumption by 95% by 2023 and by 98% by 2030 (baseline 2017).

We approach any new opportunity or challenge with the assumption that the solution should be as digital as possible. By doing so, we reduce our waste production and environmental footprint. Since incorporating DocuSign technology into our business practices, our firm has leveraged this digital platform to facilitate e-signatures on more than 595,167 documents during our FY21 reporting period. That’s an increase of almost 13 times more compared to when we first launched this technology in FY17.

Reduce waste

We have taken on several cleaner-energy initiatives revolving around single-use products such as centralising printing and replacing plastic bottles with reusable ones.

At our Gateway office we took another step toward a waste-free environment by introducing Ecosmart waste collection in May 2021. Collection stations have been installed at various central locations in the office where our people can separate waste in five different bins. Ecosmart regularly collects all sorted waste from the office and turns it into raw materials which can be used to create new products.

Residual waste

With a digital-first mindset, we have reduced residual waste by 40%, and aim to drastically cut back even more by 2023.

KPI – Reduce the residual waste by 70% by 2023 and keep that level until 2030 (baseline 2017).

Practice green procurement

Embedding sustainability into our procurement processes means that we can be certain that we are working with partners, clients, and suppliers that uphold the same standards of environmental and social responsibility as we do and proactively seek solutions that meet these standards.

Deloitte Belgium has obtained the EcoVadis certification, which examines the sustainable procurement policies of companies. With a 'gold' rating and score of 70/100 in 2021, it is proof of our dedication to sustainable business conduct, assuring that we have the necessary framework, roadmap, and initiatives in place. We have maintained this gold rating since 2017.

Green procurement

We’re seeing gold! Deloitte Belgium is proud to have obtained the ‘gold’ rating EcoVadis certification, which examines the sustainable procurement practices of companies.

KPI – Maintain ‘Gold’ rating and achieve an EcoVadis score of 75/100 by FY23 and 85/100 by FY30.

Green guarantee

As we continue to integrate sustainable business practices into our company culture and services, we want to ensure we are adhering to robust sustainability standards and attain the ‘green’ certifications we need.

Credible certification systems like BREEAM Construction are raising the bar, demanding us to set high expectations of ourselves.

Did you know?

In 2020, Deloitte Belgium received the BREEAM “Very Good” certificate for the Gateway building.

KPI - Obtain a ‘Very good’ level from BREEAM Construction by 2023 for each new building and keep this standard into 2030.

For each of our new buildings, it is our intention to reach a ‘very good’ level by 2023 and keep this standard into 2030.

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