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Gi3 Alert | European Commission adopts main work programme of Horizon Europe for 2021-2022

24 June 2021

Horizon Europe, as the successor of Horizon 2020, became the EU's most ambitious research and innovation programme for 2021-2027 with a total budget of EUR 95.5 billion. The main work programme for the period 2021-2022 has been launched with available funding of EUR 14.7 billion to allocate. A significant part of the programme aims to support actions that will help the green and digital transition, promote a sustainable recovery from the global crisis that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, and strengthen international cooperation through multilateral initiatives in Europe.

Gi3 Newsletter | Recent developments in innovation and investment incentives

22 June 2021

Latest developments in funding innovation and sustainability, intellectual property (IP) strategy, tax and energy related incentives.

Tax authorities issue FAQs on Innovation Income Deduction

23 August 2018

On 26 July 2018, the Belgian tax authorities published frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the application of the innovation income deduction (IID) regime, which replaced the previous patent income deduction (see our Tax Alert dated 21 February 2017). Under the IID regime, qualifying taxpayers may deduct 85% of qualifying net innovation income from the company’s taxable base. The FAQs (Dutch | French) are published on Fisconetplus. Registration on Fisconetplus is required to access the FAQs.

Researcher withholding tax exemption extended to certain bachelor’s degrees from 1 January 2018

16 November 2017

Article 275/3 of the Belgian Income Tax Code (“ITC”) provides a partial withholding tax exemption for some employees active in R&D. The exemption currently amounts to 80% of the withholding tax deducted. In order to benefit from this exemption, several conditions need to be met, including a scientific master’s degree requirement in most cases certain bachelor’s degrees will become eligible.

The IID is finally here! Is your business ready?

21 February 2017

Previous R&D tax alerts (12 July, 29 August, 20 October and 5 December 2016) announced that a new innovation income deduction would be introduced. The regime is now a reality after IID legislation has been published in the Official Journal on 20 February 2017. The adopted version of the law can be accessed by clicking (Dutch | French).

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