Brexit tax considerations for employers in Belgium

Brexit may pose issues across various areas for businesses operating in and trading between the UK and the EU. Many of the actions companies take to mitigate Brexit related risks may trigger tax consequences.

People is a Brexit issue which could have an impact on employers operating in Belgium.

Business challenges

Workforce mapping and planning | Understand workforce composition and reliance on EU/UK nationals to inform post-Brexit Workforce strategy
  • Analyse current workforce to assess levels of EU/UK employees.
  • Plan for reduced availability of EU labour in the UK.
  • Engage with suppliers to understand their Brexit preparations.
Immigration strategy | Manage uncertainty for EU workers in the UK and vice versa. Assess impact of new immigration policy on access to EU labour in the UK
  • EU nationals currently in the UK (and vice versa) may feel unsettled about their and their family's ability to remain.
  • The new UK immigration system will likely increase administration and costs of employing EU nationals.
Relocation strategy | If necessary, consider relocating employees into/out of the UK in order to continue trading seamlessly post-Brexit
  • Relocation decisions driven by where an organisation has an existing presence and the ease of the relevant regulatory regime.
  • Factors influencing willingness of employees to relocate can be financial (personal taxes) and personal (availability of schools, housing, amenities).

Tax focus areas

  • Analysing workforce data for split of EU nationals. High proportion of EU nationals often found in distribution functions in the UK
  • Impact on mobility programmes - personal tax and social security
  • Communicating with employees on Brexit impact on business and on process for claiming settled status
  • Modelling impact of potential wage inflation on profitability
  • Impact on reward packages, in practicular for staff being relocated

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