Supply chain

Brexit tax considerations for businesses in Belgium

Brexit may pose issues across various areas for businesses operating in and trading between the UK and the EU. Many of the actions companies take to mitigate Brexit related risks may trigger tax consequences.

Supply chain is a Brexit issue which could have an impact on businesses operating in Belgium.

Brexit Readiness Solutions

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Business challenges

Suppliers: Mapping and Assurance
  • Without supply chain visibility, there may be hidden risks and costs that will only become apparent post-Brexit
  • Lack of readiness of critical suppliers could have an impact on business continuity and reputation
Trade, logistics, customs and borders
  • Additional customs duty and processing costs could impact profitability
  • Delays at borders could impact service provision, financial performance, inventory requirements and ability to meet contractual obligations
Organisational resilience and operations
  • Changes to delivery schedules, inventory storage and distribution channels may be required
  • Lead times to make changes (e.g.) to contracts, suppliers and distribution networks, will need to be factored into decision timeframes

Tax focus areas

  • Impact of border delays on supply
  • Rules of origin for products
  • Product standards/approvals (e.g. Pharma drug approvals)
  • Supplier readiness assessment
  • Splitting EU and UK sourcing and supply
  • New/amended supply chains will require tax configuration

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