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Brexit developments update

Webinar | 25 January 2019 | 12:00 pm CET

Join us to discuss latest developments following the vote in Parliament on the Withdrawal Agreement.

Our Global Brexit lead David Noon, will be joined by:

  • Lord Jonathan Hill, former European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
  • Tom Raines, Head of the Europe Programme at Chatham House
  • Ian Stewart, Deloitte's Chief Economist
  • A representative from Deloitte’s Immigration team who will discuss the EU Settled Status Scheme, and what this means for business.

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Brexit – Tax Readiness

11 January 2019

Host: Amanda Tickel

Presenters: Alexander Linn, Johan Hollebeek, Barney Horn

The publication of the Withdrawal Agreement and political declaration on the future relationship between the UK and the EU marks a positive development in negotiations. However, uncertainty remains, and businesses need to be ready to adapt to the outcome, including managing the tax implications. What are the latest developments and key tax impacts from both a UK and EU perspective? We’ll discuss:

  • Customs duty implications: impact on trade agreements, use of customs regimes to mitigate or suspend additional duty costs, applying for Authorised Economic Operator status, and managing submission of customs declarations.
  • VAT implications, including loss of simplifications, cash flow and registration requirements.
  • Corporate Tax and Social Security considerations arising when EU Directives no longer apply.

Find out what this means for your business.

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Financial Services - Preparing To Manage Stamp Duties And Financial Transaction Taxes Post-Brexit

21 November 2018

Host: Ben Mudd
Presenters: Martin Walker, Jonathan Ginnelly, Viviane Carpentier, Mauro Lagnese

While many capital markets transactions involving UK financial institutions are likely to benefit from exemptions from stamp duties and financial transaction taxes (FTTs), can these exemptions be replicated with respect to transactions booked on EU entities? Join us as we explore how to benefit from available exemptions and reliefs, including the pitfalls to avoid. We’ll discuss:

  • How to obtain exemptions from UK and Irish stamp duty and French and Italian FTTs on transactions booked on new EU booking vehicles.
  • Whether establishing an EU booking vehicle and/or a back to back booking model adversely impacts current exemptions for the UK booking vehicle and how these risks can be mitigated.
  • Tax insights from the UK, Ireland, France and Italy.
  • A stamp/transaction tax compliance checklist post-Brexit.

Learn more about managing stamp duty and FTTs in preparing your post-Brexit operating model.

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Brexit - Tax Planning For A ‘No Deal’ Scenario

27 September 2018

Host: Nigel Pickard
Presenters: Amanda Tickel, Alex Boersch, Roger Brands

As part of their Brexit planning, the UK Government and EU have published preparations in the event of a ‘no deal’ scenario, specifically, if the UK were to leave the EU with no Transition on 29 March 2019. Even if the EU and UK agree a deal, the impact on business is likely to be substantial. How can organisations across the region plan and prepare for the subsequent tax implications during this period of uncertainty? We’ll discuss:

  • Brexit with a specific focus on the impact to business.
  • EU and UK perspectives.
  • Key business risks including supply chain, people and systems readiness.
  • Tax implications.

Ensure your business is Brexit ready.

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Brexit - What Would a No-Deal Mean for VAT Compliance?

26 September 2018


  • Barney Horn, Partner, Indirect Tax UK
  • Liesbet Nevelsteen, Partner, Deloitte Global Tax Center (Europe)

The Global Tax Center Europe (GTCE) leads global organisations to the future of tax compliance while ensuring their peace of mind every day. The tax compliance landscape is constantly evolving. Among other factors, political decisions and the digitisation of tax authorities have an impact on the regulatory environment that should not be underestimated. Keeping control over data and processes is crucial to implement a future-proof compliance strategy allowing to embrace change efficiently.

GTCE, together with local Deloitte specialists, is inaugurating a series of country-specific webinars on such topics impacting the way we do compliance.

In this particular webinar, we will focus on Brexit and what a No-deal scenario would mean for VAT compliance. 

  • Get well-structured and pragmatic insights into the potential consequences of Brexit on your VAT compliance strategy;
  • Impact analysis on VAT compliance related processes such as VAT representation or VAT returns.


  • No-deal scenario and guidelines from HMRC;
  • Analysis of impact on: 
    • VAT registrations;
    • VAT-related formalities in terms of cross-border operations (e.g. consignment stocks, import/export);
    • Compliance obligations;
  • How to get prepared.

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Brexit - An Update On Tax Implications For Financial Services Groups

12 June 2018

Host: Ben Mudd
Presenters: Priscilla Ratilal, Martin Walker, Lyndsay MacGregor, Claudia Sendlbeck-Schicker

With the UK’s departure from the EU edging nearer, we’ll take a closer look at how some of the key tax issues have developed as many financial service groups progress beyond Brexit impact assessments to detailed restructuring programmes. What should your organisation be looking at now? We’ll discuss:

  • The much debated topic of tax valuations, covering latest thinking on potential UK exit charges, branch valuations and discussions with the UK tax authorities, including a look at the potential impact of reform of the intangible tax code.
  • Transfer pricing, profit attribution and VAT considerations from across the main EU territories where the passporting entities are being relocated, involved in a typical post-Brexit operating structure.
  • The potential tax impact on front office business activities, including withholding tax and stamp tax/FTT issues, that arise on migrating securities business to, and booking on, EU banking entities.
  • Tax insights from several European jurisdictions.

Find out more about this changing environment.

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Brexit – Reward, Mobility And Immigration: Key Considerations And Actions

2 May 2018

Host: Mike Eckes

Presenters: John Cotton, Jurga McCluskey, Michael Nicolaides

With the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union edging ever closer, organisations with a footprint beyond the UK need to consider the reward, mobility and immigration implications on their mobile work force. What should your organisation be aware of and start planning for? We’ll discuss:

  • Market insights and emerging themes on how businesses are responding.
  • The likely pre and post Brexit impact.
  • Developments beyond the UK in other European jurisdictions.

Keep up to date with this developing landscape.

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