A paradigm shift for the Dutch entrepreneurial landscape

Odyssey – April 2019

For the Odyssey Hackathon in April 2019, Deloitte Belgium will be competing in the ‘Becoming an Oracle’ challenge, part of the Digital Nation’s Infrastructure track. In this challenge, we must consider the role of oracles in a digital nation and how the KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) can take advantage of the data that it owns of businesses in the Netherlands by becoming one.

Making positive use of data

In our view, as the world becomes more digital institutions and citizens will be able to more easily make positive societal use of the data that is regularly collected. The current issue of data being stored centrally and not shareable without great risk can possibly be fixed with a blockchain-based system for sharing data that is controlled by the people whom the data refers to. Many institutions with large data repositories should start thinking about how they can become an oracle so that they can be part of a digital nation’s infrastructure.

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