A solution developed for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Odyssey Hackathon - May 2019

On April 14 - 16th a group from Deloitte Belgium competed in the Odyssey Hackathon, the largest blockchain and AI hackathon in the world in Groningen, The Netherlands. They took on the challenge of Becoming an Oracle in the Digital Nation’s Infrastructure track sponsored by the Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) or the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The Proof of Concept was created using the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to deploy multi-signature wallets that reflect the internal organization of a company. The problems the solution solves are:

Digitizing transactional permissions within a company
Prevent corporate identity fraud
Use the KvK’s position as the trusted source for Dutch-registered business by turning it into an Oracle on the blockchain
Help companies feel comfortable in using cryptocurrencies in their everyday business

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