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Deloitte Belgium named “FLEET Mobility Manager of the Year 2019”

More than 40% of the staff opted for sustainable mobility

Brussels – 11 January 2019

On 10 January, Deloitte Belgium was named “FLEET Mobility Manager of the Year 2019” at the annual award ceremony of FLEET magazine. The organization earned this recognition for its efforts round Mobility@Deloitte, the multimodal mobility plan with which it intends to encourage its 4000 employees in Belgium to drive 10% less.

In the presence of leading stakeholders from the Belgian automobile and mobility sector, Deloitte Belgium was named “FLEET Mobility Manager of the Year 2019” last night at the Nekkerhal in Mechelen for the internal mobility policy which it has implemented since last year. Deloitte uses this plan to raise awareness among its employees and invite them to consider which means of transport is best suited for their individual needs in each situation. The organization thereby hopes to be able to contribute to reducing traffic jams by 10%.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO of Deloitte Belgium: “Companies can and must do their bit for liveable mobility in our country. Ever since Mobility@Deloitte was launched in June last year, 42% of our employees have opted for a positive change in mobility. At Deloitte we are investing in multimodal options which have a lasting impact because, the challenges notwithstanding, we believe in future-oriented mobility. This award is a fine recognition for the efforts we have made and will continue to make.”

Employees can choose from different packages with which they can use means of transport other than the car, such as public transport, (electric) bicycle, (electric) car, car and bike sharing, and carpooling. They can also opt for a combination such as free station parking and a train pass, or a bicycle and a train pass. Thanks to the location near the airport, Gateway is very easily accessible via public transport.

In addition, the company encourages flexible work, work at home or in one of the local offices. Furthermore, the organization is focusing on simplifying and making the vehicle fleet sustainable through the structural introduction of electric cars in the fleet and the reduction of the models on offer from 132 to approximatively 15.

The plan is part of a broader sustainability programme. ”With our sustainability policy, we commit to reducing CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2021. Mobility takes centre stage in that policy,” says Piet Vandendriessche.

Mobility@Deloitte is the result of a series of previous initiatives, including the Get2Work app, which calculates in real time the fastest way to the destination by different modes of transport, a carpooling initiative and a mobility pilot project in 2017, in which more than a third of the organisation’s employees took part.

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