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Future of Global Mobility Survey

How will the Future of Global Mobility evolve?

We believe the global mobility function is about to take a quantum step in its evolution, accelerated by the VUCA times we live in. Is the global mobility function well placed to manage remote workers in a cross border context? Do you think your current suite of policies is still fit for purpose?

The objective of this survey is to gain market insights on how organizations manage current opportunities and challenges and how they anticipate their mobility program will need to evolve into the “next normal”.

We invite global mobility, rewards, payroll and/or HR leaders to take this brief and confidential survey to help us uncover how organizations see the Future of Global Mobility evolving. We are very curious about your thoughts and perspective. That is why we would be very grateful if you could complete our online questionnaire. It takes a maximum of 25 minutes to complete. No company or individual is named – only aggregated results are published. We will of course share the results of the study with the participants.

Many thanks for helping us to shape the Future of Global Mobility.


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