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February 2019


  • Colombia: The VAT return form for non-resident service providers is now available in English and Spanish.
  • Colombia: The VAT exemption for exported services only applies to services exclusively utilized abroad.
  • Colombia: The tax authorities have established the rules and validations for electronic invoicing.


  • Angola: VAT will come into force on 1 July 2019, with a phased implementation.
  • Finland: The Finnish Tax Administration has updated guidance regarding radio and television broadcasting services, electronic services, and telecommunications services, and the VAT special scheme (the Mini One Stop Shop).
  • France: There is a new form to VAT register foreign entities not established in France.
  • France: New information must be reported on VAT returns for VAT registered entities.
  • Germany: The Annual Tax Act 2018, includes measures that implement the first part of the EU VAT e-commerce package into domestic law.
  • Greece: There are changes to the VAT treatment of telecommunications, broadcasting, and electronically-supplied services.
  • Greece: There is a draft bill on B2G e-invoicing.
  • Greece: A circular has been issued on the VAT treatment of rebates paid by pharmaceutical companies to social insurance organizations.
  • Hungary: The tax authorities' audits will focus on companies that are subject to the obligation to provide real-time invoice data but which have not fulfilled their liabilities.
  • Iceland: There are a number of VAT amendments.
  • Ireland: Taxpayers should monitor rulings issued to them by Revenue in light of the five year validity period.
  • Ireland: There is an update to the Vehicle Registrations Tax (VRT) Manual.
  • Ireland: The Minister of Finance has announced an intention to implement a postponement scheme for import VAT.
  • Italy: The tax authorities have clarified the VAT treatment of the "portfolio management of investment in real estate".
  • Italy: The procedures and terms to benefit from the "facilitated definition" for import VAT have been published.
  • Italy: There are operative instructions concerning the application of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.
  • Italy: There will be a review of authorizations released under the Community Customs Code.
  • Italy: There have been clarifications regarding the excise duty return.
  • The Netherlands: The Government plans to launch an internet consultation on new legislation on reduced VAT rates for e-publications.
  • Poland: The European Commission has approved the mandatory split payment mechanism for Poland.
  • Portugal: A decision has been published by the arbitration court on the VAT treatment of early contract termination payments.
  • Portugal: There are new requirements for the filing of annual statements and the SAFT-T (PT) file.
  • Portugal: There are new rules for invoicing, software certification, maintaining accounting elements, and the storage of invoices.
  • South Africa: A bill includes provisions for administration of carbon tax.
  • Switzerland: The tax authorities have recently amended administrative guidance on a number of VAT issues.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland and the UK have signed a post-Brexit trade agreement.
  • Tunisia: Certain tax incentives for exporters will no longer apply from 1 January 2021.
  • Ukraine: The VAT and customs duty exemptions for space industry enterprises have been extended until 1 January 2023.
  • United Kingdom: A case has considered the VAT treatment of loyalty schemes.
  • United Kingdom: The Making Tax Digital pilot opens to VAT groups.
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