Horizon 2020

Blockchain and EU funding

Deloitte Belgium is heavily involved in helping companies apply for EU funding and build consortia. An interesting opportunity published under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme is the EIC Horizon Prize for ‘Blockchains for Social Good’ call. The funding would allow a group of companies to leverage technology and tackle, for instance, supply chain sustainability challenges.

Blockchains for social good

This Horizon 2020 call can be of great interest to both up- and downstream companies in the context of, for example, compliance or going beyond compliance with the conflict minerals legislation of the EU.

The prize is €5,000,000  and there is only one selection stage. The submission deadline is 3 September 2019.

The call focuses on some of the following goals:

  • Demonstrating the origin of raw materials or products and supporting fair trade and the fair monetization of labour;
  • Allowing for a greater visibility of public spending and a greater transparency of administrative and production processes;
  • Participation in democratic decision-making by enabling accountability, rewarding participation and/or anonymity;
  • Enabling the development of decentralised social networks or clouds, or of decentralised platforms for the collaborative economy;
  • Etc.

Should you or several of you be interested in exploring the possibilities of applying for
the call in a consortium, please reach out to:

Aron Horvath
Sustainability management expert

Jan Cornelis Visser
EU & national grants and R&D tax credits

Athina Stantzos
Senior Consultant
Blockchain in the supply chain – Indirect Tax

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