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Overview of seminars and webinars

The speakers all have extensive experience in their area of specialisation, and understand the tax, legal and financial challenges corporations face in a highly complex and risky business environment.

G20/OECD The Digitalised Economy And Beyond Update

EMEA Tax Dbriefs | Webinar | 22 October 2019 | 1:00 pm CET

The G20/OECD Inclusive Framework on BEPS continues to develop the technical aspects of proposals, including a unified approach on the allocation of taxing rights between countries. We’ll discuss:

  • Nexus rules
  • Profit allocation rules
  • Next steps

Brexit Readiness Webinar: Latest developments and business impact

Webinar | 23 October 2019 | 1:00 pm CET

Speakers: Jeroen Sarrazyn, Belgian Customs & Excise Administration | Geert Noels, Chief Economist, Econopolis | Deloitte Brexit Experts

It remains highly uncertain when and how the UK will leave the EU, and whether it will leave with or without a deal. Developments during the next few weeks will again be crucial in this respect.

The existing Withdrawal Agreement was rejected in the House of Commons several times. Last week, the UK’s Prime Minister proposed an alternative arrangement to the EU, but it remains impossible to predict if an agreement will be reached in time to avoid a no-deal Brexit on 31 October – or if an extension to that deadline will be agreed.  

The next EU Summit will take place on 17-18 October, and any revised deal would have to be fully prepared (and agreed by the European Commission and the UK) in advance. The topic will weigh heavily on the meeting. Should a new deal fail to materialise and Mr. Johnson refuse to seek an extension, a legal battle between his Government and the House of Commons is very likely before the formal Brexit date of 31 October.

In this context it is vital for businesses to be ready for all eventualities. Deloitte is hosting a Brexit Readiness Webinar on 23 October to allow companies and stakeholders to understand the state of affairs and obtain important advice on how to manage in the short term. The Webinar will feature:

  • an update on the latest political and legal developments - and their consequences for business readiness
  • insights on Brexit preparations at both government and business levels in Belgium and the UK
  • a macroeconomic and geopolitical review of where we stand

‘Making Tax Digital’ in the UK: are you compliant?

Belgium Tax Dbriefs | Webinar | 24 October 2019 | 11:00 am CET

This year, most businesses with a UK VAT number started submitting their VAT returns via a technology platform which is compatible with the requirements implemented as part of the UK government’s “Making Tax Digital for VAT” package.

Next year, this transformative journey will enter a second phase as most companies will be required to keep “digital links”. This new step in digitising UK VAT compliance is meant to secure a full audit trail back to the source of transactional data in the taxpayers’ financial systems. Without proper digital storage of your accounting records, manipulation of the VAT data will become a much greater risk for organisations with complex or high volumes of data. 

The aim of this webinar is to provide you with insights on how these changes will impact UK VAT registered businesses, including how to leverage technology and stay ahead of the game. 

Are you sure your company benefits from all available payroll incentives?

Belgium Tax Dbriefs | Webinar | 5 November 2019 | 11:00 am CET

During this webinar, Deloitte experts will guide you through the most relevant social security and wage tax incentives currently available to employers, and examine the opportunities that they present.

We will provide you with an overview of the most relevant wage tax incentives, while zooming in on recent updates and FAQ’s. As these incentives are highly under the tax authorities’ scrutinity, we discuss best practices in correctly applying them, and look at how employers can prepare for a tax audit.

VAT Quick Fixes

EMEA Tax Dbriefs | Webinar | 6 November 2019 | 1:00 pm CET

EU VAT ‘quick fixes’ will come into effect on 1 January 2020. The quick fixes aim to align and simplify national VAT rules on intra-EU cross-border transactions. The extent of changes to national VAT legislation will depend on the current domestic rules and therefore the impact on businesses will be mixed. The European Commission will publish an Explanatory Memorandum on the new rules in autumn and the published draft provided good insights in how the rules may work in practice.

The Power Of With: Humans Working With Machines Are Transforming Tax

EMEA Tax Dbriefs | Webinar | 19 November 2019 | 5:00 pm CET

As tax departments are continually asked to do more with fewer resources, they are transforming operations and process management by implementing new technologies. Will the Power of With— where tax professionals work with machines—drive the future of tax?

Powers of the trade unions and staff representatives in the company: A comparative approach of the constraints of the employer in different jurisdictions

Dbriefs Legal | Webinar | 11 December 2019 | 12:00 pm CET

Freedom of union association is warranted in most jurisdictions. Within the company, this freedom may conflict with the freedom of entreprise. This Dbriefs webcast aims at presenting and understanding the extent of the trade unions/staff representatives' powers in the company and at comparing the constraints borne by the employer in different jurisdictions, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, and Spain.