Brexit Readiness Webinar

Latest developments and business impact

23 October 2019

It remains highly uncertain when and how the UK will leave the EU, and whether it will leave with or without a deal. Developments during the next few days will again be crucial in this respect.

In this context it is vital for businesses to be ready for all eventualities. Deloitte hosted a Brexit Readiness Webinar on 23 October to allow companies and stakeholders to understand the state of affairs and obtain important advice on how to manage in the short term. The Webinar features:

  • an update on the latest political and legal developments - and their consequences for business readiness
  • insights on Brexit preparations at both government and business levels in Belgium and the UK
  • a macroeconomic view on Brexit



Update on latest developments | Richard Doherty, webinar host


Indirect tax aspects of New Withdrawal Agreement  | Fernand Rutten | Global Trade Advisory & Natalie De Blende | Indirect Tax, Deloitte BE


Brexit from an economic perspective  | Geert Noels, CEO & Chief Economist, Econopolis


Measures taken by the UK Authorities to mitigate impact | Sally Jones, Global Brexit Insights Lead, Deloitte UK


Measures taken by the BE Customs Authorities to mitigate impact | Jeroen Sarrazyn, Brexit Coordinator, Belgian Customs and Excise Administration


Company testimonial: what has one business done to mitigate impact? | Fernand Rutten, Global Trade Advisory, Deloitte BE


Wrap-up | Richard Doherty

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