”Future of Trade Operations” - Are you in control of your product classifications? 

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We are pleased to invite you to our ”Future of Trade Operations” webinar, during which we will discuss how to embrace the “Power of With”—facilitating an environment in which humans work extensively with machines to amplify their collective capabilities, managing compliance risks and increase efficiency.

26 August 2020 | 11:00 am CET

In the current political environment, where global trade regulations change at an incredibly fast pace, your peer organisations are accelerating their investments in making processes more efficient, mitigating manual efforts and focusing resources on driving strategic value, all as part of their Compliance Strategy.

This finding echoes the results of a recent Deloitte survey with tax executives, in which 85% of respondents said they believe unprecedented change driven by digital transformations and artificial intelligence is coming to tax in the near future.

We will also demonstrate Deloitte’s proprietary TradeClassifier solution, which uses the latest techniques in artificial intelligence for product classification. We will address the value that TradeClassifier can bring to your company in addressing the challenges you are facing in the classification process, such as resource shortages, master data governance and inconsistencies.

The session would be of specific interest to trade compliance, customs, supply chain, and IT professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact Anneleen Vekemans (avekemans@deloitte.com or + 32 2 600 69 95) if you have any questions.  



Do not hesitate to contact Anneleen Vekemans (avekemans@deloitte.com or + 32 2 600 69 95) if you have any questions.


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