International employment in a Belgian/German context: specific points of attention

Belgium Tax Dbriefs

We will address specific real life cases from Germany to Belgium (and vice versa) in various (contractual) situations and will for each of the scenarios provide more insight on the income tax/payroll and social security matters.

2 March 2021 | 11:00 am CET

The Deloitte Global Employer Services teams in Germany and Belgium invite you to a joint webinar during which we will inform you in more detail about the tax and social security situation in Germany and Belgium of expats and cross-border employment. Working in a German/Belgian cross-border context brings forward challenges and/or opportunities. 

Examples of topics included in our agenda are:

  • Combination German tax residency and special tax status regime in Belgium
  • German social security registration and formalities for Belgian companies
  • Tax reporting and withholding requirements
  • Specifics related to the Covid-19 and remote working arrangements 
  • Tax and social security considerations  of formal corporate mandates and business manager arrangements (Belgian self-employed vs German employee social security)
  • Employer cost saving opportunities

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