SAF-T: How Do Hungary & Poland Compare In Tackling VAT Data?

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The Global Tax Center Europe (GTCE) leads global organisations to the future of tax compliance while ensuring their peace of mind every day. The tax compliance landscape is constantly evolving. Among other factors, political decisions and the digitisation of tax authorities have an impact on the regulatory environment that should not be underestimated. Keeping control over data, systems and processes is crucial to implement a future-proof compliance strategy allowing to embrace change efficiently.

28 November 2018 | 11:00 am CET

GTCE, together with local Deloitte specialists, is hosting a series of country-specific webinars on such topics impacting the way we do compliance. In this particular webinar, we will focus on the developments and challenges with respect SAF-T in Poland and Hungary. 

Your value in participating:

  • Get a structured but pragmatic overview of SAF-T requirements in Hungary (recent introduction of real-time reporting) and Poland (longer-established monthly reporting requirement, and on-demand e-Tax Audit datasets);
  • Receive insights in how SAF-T impacts (and will impact) the way companies do VAT compliance.


  • SAF-T in Poland and Hungary;
  • How the authorities are using SAF-T data in Poland and Hungary; 
  • Analysis on impact for VAT compliance processes, a.o.:
    • Reconciliation
    • Master data
    • Type of returns


  • Michał Klosinski, Partner, Deloitte Poland
  • Liesbet Nevelsteen, Partner, Deloitte Global Tax Center (Europe)
  • Dorottya Fabian, Senior Manager, Deloitte Hungary

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