Brexit Readiness for Location Strategy

Brexit preparation solutions for the location strategy of companies in Belgium

Companies need to understand the impact of Brexit on their current business model, especially to see whether their supply chain is sufficiently resilient to continue to deliver in a post-Brexit environment. There are issues to consider and analyse that may have impacts across business functions.

The below Deloitte Belgium solutions aim to help corporate executives align their business strategies and operating models with location constraints to identify viable footprint scenarios for further investigation.

Understand the constraints

Collect relevant documentation (strategy and planning, process and footprint documents) and conduct structured interviews with key executives and stakeholders

  • Critical success factors (Location selection criteria)
  • Location strategy dimensions
  • Degrees of freedom

Validate priorities and drivers

Factor in the interview findings to assess and simulate the implications of the drivers and degrees of freedom on the location footprint and share best practices of similar companies

  • Location Discovery Accelerator (LDX)
  • Interactive workshop

Confirm viable options

Confirm a number of viable focal areas or footprint alternatives for future detailed investigation and validation

  • Alternative location footprint options
  • Footprint scenarios