Easy-access Brexit workshop

An accessible, entry-level Brexit readiness solution for small, medium and larger business organisations that are taking their first steps in the Brexit journey, or would like to validate their preparations thus far with external subject matter experts

Deloitte's team of Brexit specialists can provide introductory level on-site workshops, aiming at the initial exploration and/or validation of company-specific impact areas of - and solutions to - Brexit-challenges. Through a general update on negotiations and overall Brexit consequences, the workshop also helps to deepen the understanding and awareness of Brexit within the company. From a content point of view, the workshop offers the possibility to treat one or more of customs/logistics, supply chain, VAT, legal, HR and corporate tax aspects in more detail.

The workshops consist of half-day sessions facilitated by a team composed of Deloitte Brexit experts specific to company needs, and are aimed at the key Brexit stakeholders within a business. This solution is ideal for companies seeking a first and exploratory look at how their operations will be affected.

Gained value
  • A better understanding of Brexit
  • Awareness creation across the business, including the C-Suite
  • Understanding Brexit's consequences and challenges specific to your business
  • Deeper understanding of the practical Brexit implications in customs, VAT, logistics and several other aspects
  • Developing concrete and achievable actions to mitigate the impact as much as possible