Chinese Desk

The economy of the People's Republic of China is the second largest in the world after the U.S. The country changes at a rapid pace. With the increasing market liberalisation in the Chinese Economy, western companies are moving in to "leverage" this new market place, while many Chinese companies gear up to push into the European Market. Every entrepreneur who wants to start or develop business in a foreign country should investigate possible risks and challenges first.

Deloitte Belgium launched the Chinese Services Group (CSG) in April 2005 to respond to these increasing market demands. The CSG currently assists European companies that want to invest and operate in China. Services include, among others, investigating market entry, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and advising on a broad range of aspects relating to their Chinese operations. The CSG also helps companies implement cross-border investment strategies and guides them through the associated risks.






The CSG’s services are there for both sides. Chinese companies that want to enter the European market or expand their European operations can also call upon the expertise of the CSG. With the native Chinese professionals on board, we are able to closely assist the Chinese clients and effectively bridge the language and culture gap. We also work very closely with CSG colleagues in China and other European Member Firms to deliver seamless services to globalising Chinese companies.