Organisational Brexit Readiness

General Brexit preparation solutions for companies in Belgium

Companies need to understand the impact of Brexit on their current business model, especially to see whether their supply chain is sufficiently resilient to continue to deliver in a post-Brexit environment. There are issues to consider and analyse that may have impacts across business functions.

The below Deloitte Belgium solutions aim to help companies stay up to date on Brexit developments and gain a view of the preparation hot spots to then plan accordingly.

Status of negotiations

Keeping tabs on the uncertain outcome of negotiations

Deal or no deal? What will a deal look like?
  • Newsletters to provide the latest developments and highlight implications for business preparations
  • Update calls with Deloitte experts for a more personal and interactive means to address Brexit developments

Awareness creation

Establishing Brexit awareness within the company

Highlighting the impact and addressing required readiness actions
  • Brexit introduction conference calls or meetings with Deloitte Belgium experts

Financial and operational impact assessment

Assessing potential and company-specific short, medium and long term impacts

  • Tax Cube and other Deloitte online assessment tools
  • Brexit analysis tool
  • Data-evaluation session: Duty impact, landed cost impact, etc.

Contingency planning

Readiness plan design

Concrete actions and timelines to begin Brexit preparations
  • Brexit workshops
  • Drafting of contingency plans and/or external communication documents