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A flexible benefits package can be an answer to the demand from employees for more flexibility and a more individualised salary package. A flexible benefits package may also be a way to differentiate your position in the continuous battle for passionate talent, may help you in harmonising benefits or increase your employee value proposition.

Employees may choose between different benefits, often in exchange for salary or other already existing benefits. A successful flexible benefits plan requires a clear vision, a correct legal implementation, a cost efficient tax and social security set up, transparent communication and a balanced budget.

My Benefits, My Choice is a practical solution which bundles different steps to implement a successful flexible benefits plan in your organisation.

The solution is supported by an online application through which HR can easily administer the plan and the employees can choose their package. 

My Benefits, My Choice offers a full range of services (Change management, HR strategy, tax and legal consulting and IT).  Deloitte can assist in the entire set-up of a flexible benefits plan or with specific phases of the development process (for example tax & legal advice, computations, vendor selection, communication plan, drafting or review of contracts or policies and the My Benefits My Choice application).

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