The 2021 e-Commerce VAT package

Helping your business prepare for the new e-Commerce VAT package

As from 1 July 2021, all B2C supplies of goods to customers in the EU should in principle be taxed at destination. Their origin, whether it is EU or non EU, will no longer be relevant. This is a major change for how e-commerce is taxed going forward. Deloitte can assist your business prepare for the new e-Commerce VAT package.

How can we help?

The Deloitte 2021 VAT e Commerce “entry package” consists of an accessible workshop aimed at all business functions Sales, Finance, Tax, Legal, Logistics, IT, etc. Facilitated by a team of Deloitte VAT and customs consultants, the workshops are for companies that would like to understand how the new rules will impact their customer value proposition and their business, processes and systems setup.

Taking action

Companies involved in B2C sales should assess the impact of the e-commerce VAT package on their operations in terms of

  • VAT calculation logic
  • New VAT registration and reporting requirements
  • Opportunities to reduce VAT compliance obligations
  • Relationships with logistics service providers, marketplaces and other stakeholders


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Notable impact on fast parcel operators

These new rules will have a significant impact on parcel operators, who if not duly prepared can face a number of potential issues during the shipping and/or importation process.

How can we help?

The Deloitte “e-commerce parcel operator package” consists in an accessible entry level workshop facilitated by a team of Deloitte VAT and Customs consultants aimed at all business functions of parcel operators.

Taking action

Parcel operators should assess the impact of the VAT e commerce package on their operations in terms of

  • New data requirements from a customs clearance perspective
  • Increased data exchanges with sellers and digital platforms and marketplaces
  • Offering ready to go solutions for sellers and customers
  • Manage relationships with sellers, customers and marketplaces
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