The Future of Global Mobility

Adapting to a changing landscape for talent deployment

The COVID-19 pandemic ignited and accelerated the (need to) move towards a new way of moving talent to new locations. Organisations broadly feel the sense of urgency for change. With a strong focus on budget and cash position, stakeholders throughout the business are challenged to optimise processes, revisit reward cost structures and be agile to move with the speed of increasing or decreasing demand.

The pandemic will have a lasting impact on organisations, the mobility of employees, and how they are rewarded – but to what extent remains unknown.​


Deloitte approach

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has changed individuals’ and business reality overnight, making it ever so challenging to deploy talent globally​
  • Travel bans, lockdowns, health considerations, a sudden change in demand and fluctuating financial markets, triggered operational and financial challenges​
  • Optimising processes, revisiting cost structures and becoming agile to move along with quickly increasing or decreasing demand​

Deloitte can support organisations in formulating a first response to building a solid and agile baseline for the future. Conscious of current pressure on budget, we work with clients to understand the business need and ensure a fit for purpose advisory through a phased Deloitte methodology: respond, recover & thrive. ​

Understanding the impact and keeping aware of what might come next will create resilience in company decisions and will provide an informed perspective on what the future landscape might be.​

Key areas

Feasibility study
Assistance with implementation
Audit support
Workforce Mapping Review of Travel and Working from Home Policies Review of Reward Policies
Risk Assessment Review of Mobiltiy Policies Shift to a local approach
Downstream activities    

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