U.S. tax

U.S. tax laws are complex and far-reaching. Individuals, companies, partnerships, trusts and estates from – or doing business in – the U.S. may find themselves drawn into the U.S. tax net, even if not based there. It can be confusing when both U.S. and local country tax laws apply. How do you make sure that you are respecting all the rules, and taking the benefit of any available deductions or credits to minimise double taxation?

The Deloitte U.S. tax practice based in Brussels offers expert advice in corporate, and other U.S. taxes. We also provide advice and assistance on tax accounting under U.S. GAAP. We are not just a U.S. desk. We are a full service practice offering both U.S. compliance and consulting services.

Swerving from the Cliff

Tax Provisions in the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

A report from Deloitte Tax LLP which examines the tax provisions in the new law and considers the tax policy challenges facing Congress and the Obama administration in the year ahead.

U.S. Corporate Income Tax

The Deloitte U.S. tax practice based in Brussels can offer specialist advice in corporate, partnership, and other U.S. income taxes. Because the group is in Europe, they can easily integrate with you and the Deloitte European tax team - in the same time zone and at a common location. The partner and managers of the team are all licensed certified professional accountants, lawyers or tax professionals licensed by the Internal Revenue Service.

U.S. tax laws are complex and far-reaching and can have a material impact on the global effective tax of an international business. The U.S. corporate tax group assists global organisations in identifying and complying with U.S. tax law. We also provide assistance with analysing and designing structures to help minimize U.S. tax.