International assignment services


International assignment services

Global employer services

An important corporate legal and reputational risk that global employers must contend with is ensuring they and their employees are aware of and comply with local filing requirements. A successful international assignment program requires companies to strike a balance between competitive compensation and cost control, always taking care to have effective policies and procedures for regulatory compliance. Deloitte can help with this complex challenge through our extensive knowledge of tax laws across jurisdictions and our specialised compliance and consulting skills and software. Our professionals help companies coordinate various elements related to a globally mobile workforce, to address worldwide compliance with employees' individual and payroll reporting and filing requirements.

Ensuring individual tax compliance for your internationally mobile employees

Ensuring full reporting and withholding compliance with tax and social security legislation on behalf of your internationally mobile employees is a challenge. Every cross-border employment will be impacted by specific local tax legislation and related reporting requirements ― and every mobility program will have its own special characteristics.

Deloitte’s Global Employer Service (GES) team helps clients to manage their international assignments successfully.

Where companies have foreign executives moving to Belgium, we can help them to obtain the tax status that most effectively minimises their tax and social security costs. Our team of experienced professionals provides this service as part of the individual tax compliance process, which also includes preparing tax computations for withholding or budget purposes, timely and efficient preparation of income tax returns, the provision of specific expertise during income tax audits, etc.

In the case of cross-border employees moving from Belgium and employees outside Belgium generally, we can coordinate clients’ international assignments and make use of the Deloitte network to ensure the consistent application of clients’ expat policies around the globe.

We use a technology platform, known as Global Advantage, to help clients manage individual tax compliance and other aspects of international assignment projects. Global Advantage is deployed in all Deloitte offices around the globe and can help HR professionals involved in assignment management to monitor the status of their expat population, initiate services and create reports accordingly.

International immigration solutions

Deloitte provides specialist immigration advice to a range of multi-national corporations across a variety of industry sectors. Working closely with our Belgium tax colleagues, Deloitte member firms and specialist subcontractors worldwide, we are able to provide our clients with effective and co-ordinated international immigration and tax solutions.

International Social Security

Deloitte supports organisations in solving complex social security problems and developing bespoke design country or region specific solutions which can help manage social security costs and increase management efficiency. We can advise on the social security affairs of senior or career assignees, which can deliver savings for the company and maximise the benefits available to the individual.

Global mobility transformation

Deloitte has helped some of the world’s largest multinational organisations transform their global workforce mobility programmes, providing insight and experience across the full spectrum of talent management, total rewards, technology and tax.