International human resources


International human resources

Global employer services

No matter where you do business, your organisation is only as effective as its people. When you send your employees on an international assignment, your level of success is directly linked to both their performance and their level of satisfaction. It is critical that your international assignment compensation programme supports your globally mobile employees seamlessly, extending the strengths of your organisation from your headquarters to your furthest-flung operation.

Whether creating a company's first international programme for employees, re-examining the operational effectiveness of an existing programme, taking a second look at a current provider, or transitioning the administration of a programme to address regulatory concerns, Deloitte's International Human Resources professionals can help.

Our approach aligns international assignment programme goals with overall human resource and corporate strategies. We offer specialised experience in policy design, benchmarking and transformation coupled with delivery skills to contribute significant value to the employer which allows them more time to focus on enhancing the employee's international assignment experience.

Managing the compensation of globally mobile employees worldwide

We work with companies to design and manage the end-to-end financial and compensation elements of their global mobility programmes, seamlessly.

The complex and wide-ranging practical and administrative issues associated with international assignment compensation can impose a considerable strain on HR departments. Particularly critical to the success of a programme are the management of:

  • Cost projections, providing total estimated costs for each proposed assignment
  • Calculation of expatriate allowances and hypothetical taxes
  • Compensation briefings
  • Delivery of payrun files to client’s payroll teams globally
  • Reconciliation of actual vs. instructed payroll amounts
  • Compensation accumulation, analysis and advisory support
  • Global process optimisation
  • Gross-up calculations
  • Management of salary updates, cost of living and exchange rate updates and other periodic batch updates (bonus, country specific updates, etc)

At Deloitte, our European International Human Resources team, based in Belgium, consists of experienced global mobility specialists who provide flexible, scalable and tailored international assignment compensation outsourcing services to multinational organisations. Our services drive programme efficiency and cost savings. They enhance compliance and provide access to state-of-the-art technology while our menu based approach allows clients to choose the level and scope of services suitable for their needs.