The challenge

New digital reporting requirements and greater scrutiny from tax authorities are challenging businesses to find more efficient, automated, and potentially more centralized ways to manage the indirect tax compliance process. Tax departments are required to achieve more with less, while still facing challenges of multiple data sources, varying data quality, numerous processes and country-specific requirements.

Combining our tax knowledge and expertise in technology, Deloitte has developed an industry-leading solution Deloitte ITC to address these challenges. Deloitte ITC supports your end-to end compliance process, from automated data extraction to the electronic submission of returns. Today, the application covers more than 75 countries globally, including the latest reporting requirements such as transactional and real-time reporting.


Dedicated Deloitte support team

Continuous support from our tax and technology experts throughout the entire engagement.

Time saving

On average, our clients benefit from 50-55% time saving in their end-to-end compliance process.

Increased quality and efficiency

Deloitte ITC realizes overall process efficiencies, helps to achieve consistency and reduce risks associated with manual errors.

Peace of mind

Continuous monitoring of legislative changes by our global network of tax professionals ensures that Deloitte ITC is regularly updated and ready for the digital future.

Automated data validation

Give time back to your team, allowing them to focus on other value added tasks.

Getting insights from your data

Advanced reporting and dashboards provide better visibility and insight into the transactions reported, VAT positions, trends and opportunities.

Flexible service models

Next to SaaS, we offer different levels of compliance support that can be fully tailored to your needs.

Cost benefit

Rather than investing funds and resources in your own technology, you can rely on our cloud based solution


Indirect Tax Compliance is an easy to navigate, web-based application that supports and optimizes your end-to-end compliance service, allowing better quality and control.

Advanced data extraction solution

Data wrangling and cleansing

80+ data quality checks

Interactive dashboards

Real-time and transactional reporting

Electronic submission platform

Full control and audit trails

Flexible reconciliation models

How it works


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