The challenge

Different employees, different needs: in today’s workplace, every employee has different expectations when it comes to remuneration and motivation. A flexible reward plan, which gives employees the option to choose between different benefits, is a solution to that challenge. However, organisations often struggle with establishing such a plan as it comes with a heavy administrative burden and they often lack resources in terms of technology, tax, project management and communications.

With My Benefits My Choice, our end-to-end flexible reward solution, we can help you design and implement a unique flexible rewards scheme in Belgium or across geographies, while considering the specific local reward and legal insights and rules. With the combination of state-of-the-art technology and our extensive tax, legal, and communications knowledge, My Benefits My Choice helps you attract, motivate and retain top talent. Whether you already have a flexible reward plan in place or you're starting from scratch, our multidisciplinary team brings the right expertise to the table throughout each stage of the project.


Boost recruitment and retention

Offer the right benefits at the right time to strengthen your employer brand.

Increase employee engagement

Allow your employees to create their individual salary and benefits package and satisfy their personal needs.

Improve cost control

Respond better, more easily and faster to the cost evolutions of benefits packages.

Reduce administration

No more loose ends: all administration is merged in one tool and processes are automated.

Enhance communication

What good is a flexible compensation plan if no one knows what’s in it for them? We develop a communication strategy with you to internally launch My Benefits My Choice and to ensure that your employees feel comfortable to use it to their advantage.


My Benefits My Choice is a one-stop-shop platform for all your reward and benefits information:

Easy-to-use platform for both HR and the end user

Available 24/7 and on any device

Completely compliant with local tax and social security legislations

Fully adaptable to your organisation’s needs and branding

Easy to integrate into existing, in-house HR technology

Helpdesk for HR users

How it works

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