Mobile Consumer Survey 2018: The Belgian Cut

Smartphones take the crown

For the first time in 2018, smartphones have become the preferred device of Belgians. Smartphone and laptop adoption continues to rise while ownership of all other portable devices, including tablets, has remained static or declined. With smartphone capabilities becoming greater and usage continuing to evolve, our dependence on the devices is likely to grow in the years to come.

The Belgian edition of the Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2018 reveals some of the key themes that are disrupting the mobile landscape today and are likely to impact it in the next five years.

Key findings

  • Smartphone ownership continues to rise, with 84% of respondents claiming to own one, and for the first time ever surpasses the laptop, with 82% market penetration, as most owned device; 
  • Ownership of tablets and e-readers has fallen; 
  • Connected home entertainment (smart TV, gaming console,..)  remains the most popular consumer IoT category with up to 37% market penetration; 
  • 42% of people think they use their phone too much, compared to 44% who think their partner uses their phones too much;
  • Personal email remains the most popular communication method, used on a daily basis by 69% of all smartphone owners;
  • 12% of respondents have used a voice assistant on a smartphone or smart speaker in the last day;
  • Among those who use biometrics on their smartphones, more than half (52%) use it to authorise payments/purchases;
  • Three quarters of respondents state that they are concerned with third parties sharing personal data;
  • More than half of those who buy a new smartphone (51%) keep their old device as a spare instead of giving it to a family member, an 8% increase compared to 2017.

Mobile Consumer Survey 2018

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The smartphone is a mere decade old, and with every year has become ever more integral to people’s lives. It has become more versatile, absorbing a growing range of functions, from communication to navigation, from breaking global news to memorising personal stories. And it is likely to be used even more intensively over the coming years, as its capability and utility continues to increase.

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About the research

For the third year running, Deloitte Belgium participated in Deloitte’s global study, which features some exciting insights about our relationship with mobile devices. A representative sample of Belgian mobile consumers was asked about a range of topics relevant to customers, manufacturers, operators, and service providers who support the ecosystem. The topics covered include device ownership, usage patterns, mobile operators, data privacy, to name a few.

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