TMT Predictions 2021

Tech adoption speeds up

The 20th edition of the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions highlights how worldwide trends in TMT may affect businesses and consumers worldwide. In addition, the report underscores how many of these trends are being driven by the global pandemic’s economic and societal impacts.

The future is here

While some technologies followed expected growth patterns, the global pandemic has resulted in unprecedented technology acceleration that has fundamentally changed how we live and work. Growth has intensified in video, virtual, and cloud technologies, as well as in media segments such as sports. Technology will continue to transform how we work and live—in 2021 and beyond.

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Doctor visits move to video

The global COVID-19 pandemic not only necessitated the elimination of regulatory barriers to doctor visits but also helped consumers better understand and leverage video calling apps, especially consumers over the age of 65. Deloitte Global predicts that the percentage of virtual video visits to doctors will rise to 5% globally in 2021, up from an estimated 1% in 2019. In Belgium, there were 3.8 million online visits between March and May 2020 according to Inami.

Video doctor’s visits go viral

Women’s sports revenue and monetization

While the number of sporting events slowed during 2020, the potential for growth ultimately did not. Deloitte Global predicts that two major trends in sports—the increased monetisation of women’s sports, and the use of digital to create a hyper-quantified athlete—will continue their upward trajectory. Women’s sports is also gaining momentum in Belgium.

Women’s sports gets down to business

The pandemic drives cloud growth

Deloitte Predicts that cloud revenue growth globally will remain greater than 30% for 2021 through 2025 as companies move to cloud to save money, become more agile, and drive innovation.

With the pandemic driving more enterprises toward cloud, the market will likely emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. Cloud providers and others in the ecosystem will also have the opportunity to capitalise on increased usage, while cloud users can seek to explore new ways for the cloud to create value.

The cloud migration forecast

Gaining an intelligent edge

Edge computing and intelligence could propel tech and telecom growth. In 2021, the market for the intelligent edge will reach US$12 billion, up over 80% from 2019, driven by growth from telecoms and hyperscale cloud providers.

The intelligent edge could propel tech and telecom growth

The 8K wave begins

Sales of 8K TVs are likely to reach US$5 billion in 2021, with equipment and services for producing 8K content generating hundreds of millions of dollars more.

The state of 8K TV

Next-gen radio access networks

Open and virtualized RANs give mobile network operators the potential to reduce costs and increase vendor choice as they adopt 5G. Though still nascent, the virtualized RAN market is accelerating thanks to the technology’s alignment with carrier needs.

The next-generation radio access network

Immersive technologies in the enterprise

The market for digital reality headgear is heating up as immersive technologies gain ground in the enterprise and education. In 2021, unit sales of VR, AR, and MR headsets will double over 2019 levels, as will sales of related software and services.

Digital reality headsets in enterprise and education

The use of athlete data analytics

Technologies for measuring athletes’ health and performance are transforming how they train, compete, and manage their careers. But this explosion of athlete data is raising new questions about how best to use it—and how to do so ethically.

The hyperquantified athlete

About the 2021 TMT Predictions

To ensure sustained business growth, it is critical that organisations address the increasing disruption posed by emerging technologies. Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry practice brings together thought leaders and trusted specialists to shape many of the world’s most recognised brands in these fields. Through its work, the TMT team aids clients in creating competitive advantage and helps them succeed in an increasingly digital world. Deloitte Global’s annual TMT predictions serve as guideposts for future business strategy by providing a 1-3 year outlook on key trends in the global technology, media, and telecommunication industry sectors. The trends are based on a global analysis of figures and developments for each topic and help identify key challenges and areas of focus for the world’s TMT brands as they navigate the impact of new technologies shaping the future of industry.

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