Digital Consumer Trends 2020 | Introduction

Spoiled for choice

Smartphone penetration seems to have hit its plateau with an adoption rate of 89 percent. Interest in tablets is dropping in 2020 mainly due to smartphone manufacturers continuously increasing the size of the screens. This trend is likely to continue as more full screen phones with almost no visible borders or notch enter the market.

Most Belgian consumers already have access to many connected devices. Smartphone and laptops have the highest usage and penetration rates, however some wearables i.e. smart watches and fitness bands have very high usage rates even if their penetration is significantly lower. Moreover, while portable game consoles saw the highest growth in usage during the lockdown, followed by smart watches and laptops, daily use of fitness bands declined.

Seventy-three percent of respondents did not purchase any tech devices (Smartphone, Game Console, Smart Watch, etc.) as a result of spending more time at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. This may reflect the sanitary measures, with closure of physical shops as well as shopping restrictions. Some households may also have dusted off formerly unused devices.

Preferred device for different activities

Which, if any, is your preferred device for each of the following activities?

The highlighted blue/green boxes indicate a change vs previous year (2019)

The smartphone was already the preferred device for many media and entertainment activities prior to the lockdown. The 2020 data shows that the 65+ generation now also prefers their phone over their laptop for checking bank balances, social networks and video calls, which was already the case for younger generations.

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