Mobile Consumer Survey 2019

Plateauing at the peak

The state of the smartphone

Twelve years ago, we started our love affair with smartphones, and it shows no sign of fading. But with mobiles getting more expensive and innovations attracting our attention, the ways in which we use our smartphones are changing. Find out what is happening in the smartphone market and explore four distinct themes that offer some insight into how we use our smartphones to connect, stay informed, and play.

Accessories boom

With smartphone ownership expected to plateau in the coming years, accessories for work, the commute, home and sports have stepped into the spotlight. But how many do –and can– we own?

Wearables emerge

The breadth and diversity of the wearables market makes it unique and the devices are capturing our interest. From fitness trackers to smart watches, we want them, but are we maximising their use?

Media consumption

Reading. Listening. Watching. Whether it’s streamed or downloaded, we’re used to having the world’s entertainment in the palm of our hand. So what do we do with our smartphones and other devices?

Mobile gaming

Playing games is quickly becoming one of the big reasons why we’re so hooked to our phones. Whether on the go, at work or home, how do your smartphone gaming habits compare to other Belgians?