Mobile Consumer Survey 2019 – Theme 1

Never enough accessories

With smartphone ownership expected to plateau in the coming years, and people buying phones less frequently, the focus is shifting towards the smartphone ecosystem. Vendors are increasingly motivated to drive sales of smartphone accessories.

Product innovation has been the key driver of demand in recent times and is likely to continue generating demand in the coming years. The expansion of product lines for enhancing the user experience with earphones, turbochargers, power banks, etc. will accelerate the market growth over the next few years.

Thanks to technological advancements, the growing demand for wireless mobile accessories such as Bluetooth headsets and wireless chargers, among other, is one of the crucial trends that is driving the market of mobile accessories.

iPhone owners are more likely to buy most categories of accessories, which is not directly related to wealth but more to willingness to spend.

Belgians own multiple accessories for multiple environments, with an average of 5.8 devices per person. The majority of accessories are used on the move, with power banks, headphones and cases being used. At home phone stands and wireless chargers are most popular, whilst wireless headphones are likely to be used for sports and noise cancellation headsets at work.

Younger age groups are more intensive smartphone users. They watch, play and listen on the move and thus have a higher propensity to own headphones and power banks. Older age groups may listen to music on speakers.

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