Mobile Consumer Survey 2019 – Theme 4

Mobile gaming is getting mainstream

Belgium is home to 4.2 million active gamers, who spent an estimated €302 million on gaming in 2017. Our country ranks number 31 on the list of the world’s largest games markets.

Half of all Belgian smartphone owners play games on their smartphone. The younger the age group, the more often they play games on their smartphone.

Mobile gamers in Belgium play during different times of day, with more than half playing when they are relaxing at home. Around one third of gamers play when commuting. Maybe surprisingly, 28 percent plays while watching TV and four percent plays while eating out.

A day in the life of a mobile gamer

Only 29 percent of all mobile gamers spend money on games, with in-app credits being most popular. Only 16 percent pays more than €1 per month, five percent pays more than €20 per month.

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