GTS Next Generation Solutions with Deloitte COE

By offering a wide range of cross – competency services, Deloitte enables you to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Thanks to new cross – team collaborations, we are able to offer new solutions in the Global Trade world, leveraging the GTS core and the SAP HANA database.

Amongst these new solutions are the following:

  • Global Trade Management Analytics provides more than dashboards reporting on past events, KPIs and numbers. Predictive Analytics, using ‘what if’ scenarios, helps spotting trade opportunities in sourcing your goods by leveraging Trade Agreements. Global Trade Analytics combines content with your GTS data, giving insight to trade flows.
  • GTS based Fiori Apps developed by the Deloitte GTS CoE, replacing and combining GTS-transactions but also leveraging additional content. E.g.

- Releasing blocked business partners (for SPL screening)

- Releasing blocked transactions (replacing 6 transactions codes to display/release documents)

- Classifying Products (both customs & compliance classification and reporting functions)

- Easy classification app (identifying potential dual use items and asking questions to identify which/if a dual use classification is applicable)

  • Document Management Systems, using xECM, allows to reduce paper-based or SAP database storage, save time by having central access to all documents and increase performance due to automatic capturing, storage, archiving and on top allowing simple reporting on completeness.
  • Robotics Process Automation is used in GTS to efficiently execute rule-based repeatable processes with limited human intervention. These repetitive tasks can include opening mails & attachments, moving files to folders, copy pasting data elements, filling in forms, scraping web based data, making calculations, following if/then rules and much more.
  • Machine Learning in combination with Robotics and other technologies leverage global trade, applications to build tools that can resolve complex business requirements.


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