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Coca-Cola: Legal Compliance solution with SharePoint

Deloitte solves the Food and Beverage EU1169 challenge using SharePoint and turns this solution into an added value solution for marketers

Coca-Cola, together with all other Food and Beverage companies, needed to comply with EU1169 legislation. In short this legislation stipulates that also when buying online, consumers need to be able to review information such as nutritional and ingredient information, claims and information on allergens.

A solution was implemented that not only makes it possible to comply with the EU1169 legislation but that also facilitates Coca-Cola marketers to use the centralized product information to create commercial added value.


Closely involving marketing and delivery stakeholders from the different European countries, following activities were performed: 

  • Classification and harmonization of the labels used to collect product information
  • Design of a central solution to capture all product related information and distribute approved information to the bottlers and retailers based on GS1 standards.
  • Implementation of the designed solution including SharePoint configuration, custom development and middleware integration
  • Migration in the central solution of product information that was spread over different stakeholders in different formats
  • Implementation of a reporting solution
  • Change management and rollout of the solution in the different European countries


Legal compliance was not the only outcome of the SharePoint implementation.

The project delivered a Central Product Information Solution:

  • With an open architecture allowing to use the product information for other added value and commercial activities such as e-Commerce, Mobile, gamification.
  • With a reporting layer facilitating reconciliation and data quality control
  • That standardized business processes on a European level for which many local versions existed before
  • That inspires the Coca-Cola Global organization for further standardization and creation of added value out of the centrally available product information



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