Phygital Experiences

Phygital experiences are a bold and innovative part of Deloitte Digital. Blending physical and digital to bring brand and audience closer together.

As an inventive and recognised leader in blending physical and digital, Deloitte Digital builds new ways for companies, institutions, exhibitions, convention centres, cultural venues, entertainment and advertising spaces to connect with audiences.


Driven by the digital transformation in the way people interact with companies, technology and each other, we are a leader in creating new opportunities and conceiving holistic, future-proof and fully-integrated end-to-end customer experiences.

Deloitte Digital is at the forefront of this new digital reality and brings brand and audience closer together to create real-time, captivating activation. Allowing people to interact in a personal way by touching, feeling and experiencing, they are far more likely to become brand advocates and word of mouth marketers.


Our dedicated team of professionals provides a unique mix of strategic, creative, technological and maintenance related capabilities. Building upon the best of Deloitte’s core values of professionalism and collaboration we focus on injecting innovation and creativity into the solutions for our clients.

Besides experienced, we are proud on being flexible, practical and quick on our feet. No matter what the challenge, we get a kick out of applying our extensive and international industry knowledge to obstacles big or small.


Focusing on the opportunities that technology allows brands to explore, we concentrate on making cutting edge experiences intuitive and natural to use.

From creative ideation and software development to hardware selection and on-site engineering, we have extensive experience with AR and VR interaction, gesture and facial recognition, touch interfaces, video walls, motion sensors, mobile interaction, and many more.




We helped the Qatar National Library to reinvent its library services through the use of various media interactive devices providing personalized content at every stage of the visitor’s journey. The design of the interactive installations, applications, content, and features are put into a much broader context expressed by the vision and objectives of the Qatar Foundation.

Our team equipped the library with interactive systems including 4 Media Walls, 11 double-sided Totems, 4 Augmented Reality Wayfinding Kiosks and 22 Touch Screens for the Heritage Area.


GE Mine Flight

GE Canada wished to increase the awareness of the country’s mining challenges, by informing them on how they cope with sustainability within the industry. They also wanted to catch the attention of industry business profiles passing through Toronto’s Pearson International airport. Our team conceived a captivating fully interactive 3D experience enabling travelers to fly over a mining site. During the flight, while the participant is fully focused, he can collect “Power Ups” that increase his score and disclose information about GE’s mining industry in Canada.

GDF Suez Electrabel- Touch the Stars

As part of Electrabel’s ‘You have the Energy’ campaign, Belgium’s national energy provider was looking for a way to rejuvenate its brand image. For its Christmas advertising campaign, we designed an interactive night skyline made out of 42 screens (full HD 87.000.000 pixels), which gave birth to a 15 meters-long playground, simultaneously along three different lanes. The interactive concept allowed passers-by to interact with shooting stars, modifying their course and velocity. On top of that, people saw their colored silhouette on the screen which contributed to enhance the immersion even more.

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