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In today’s environment, Global Trade policy and regulatory frameworks are under intense scrutiny with historic changes proposed or in process. To navigate and plan for potential regulatory changes of this magnitude, global entities require scalable global trade management systems to enable compliant operations. To give an idea of the complexity of global trade, companies who serve a global market need to:

  • Ensure no trade is done with embargoed countries and black listed entities 
  • Optimize the declaration & clearing process
  • Review the sourcing of their products, since the use of Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) may lead to a significant decrease in import duties.

Deloitte’s global offering of SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) will help companies to centralize, automate and manage all these collective requirements. Over the past decade, Deloitte has developed a market-leading service offering for implementing SAP GTS on a global scale. This unique service offering combines a mix of global trade regulatory specialists, technical resources that have dedicated their careers to architecting and deploying SAP GTS and certified functional SAP GTS experts. The result is a vast network of highly experienced, international trade specialists, allowing Deloitte to provide regional and local regulatory support according to client-specific needs, whatever and wherever they may be.

Our international GTS team can offer expertise across all the GTS functionalities:

  • Compliance Management looks at Sanctioned Party List (SPL) screening, Embargo screening and at import & export License Management, including applications and amendments (e.g. license management for regulatory bodies such as the Export Administration Regulation (EAR) and the International Treaty of Arms Regulation (ITAR) amongst others, but also for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), etc.).
  • Customs Management mainly focuses on the efficient declaration and clearing of customs. It ensure that crossing the border does not cause delayed deliveries, and optimizes the inventory for clients. This includes Import & Export e-Filing as well as Bonded Warehousing, Free Trade Zones and Inward/Outward Processing Relief helping to leverage the specific duty regimes available across the world.
  • Trade Preference Management is aimed at leveraging international trade agreements such as EU agreements, MERCOSUR, ASEAN Free Trade agreements or the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
  • Letter of Credit helps to manage and automate the letter of credit related activities at the different stages of the order to cash process.


The GTS team supports clients in every SAP GTS related topic such as:

  • Global Trade vision and roadmap
  • Reduction of compliance costs of global trade regulation and operations management
  • Acceleration of cross-border transactions
  • Financial risk reduction of regulatory non-compliance of international trade
  • Expansion of duty optimization benefits available in international trade
  • Global Trade Analytics turning global trade insights in business benefits

GTS Center of Excellence

In a world where borders continue to disappear, a structured, reliable and efficient approach to global trade management has become increasingly important to many multi-national companies.


The EMEA Center of Excellence (CoE) for SAP Global Trade Services is a specialist team that advises companies in the deployment of SAP GTS in response to their cross border trade management requirements, which include:


  • Customs management
  • Compliance management
  • Trade preference management


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GTS Publication

The book "Implementing SAP Global Trade Services" edition two was published in September 2018. Referred to by SAP Press as "The complete guide to setting up SAP GTS for your business!"

Don’t get tied up in global trade red tape! Navigate the complex web of regulations with this guide to implementing SAP Global Trade Services. Learn the ins and outs of SAP GTS and how it connects to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. Get step-by-step instructions to configuring compliance, customs, and risk management functionality, and explore your reporting options. Get insight into global trade innovations, in SAP GTS 11 and beyond!


Buy the book here.

GTS Next Generation Solutions with Deloitte COE

By offering a wide range of cross – competency services, Deloitte enables you to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Thanks to new cross – team collaborations, we are able to offer new solutions in the Global Trade world, leveraging the GTS core and the SAP HANA database.

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Yannick Jacques
Global GTS Practice Leader
Phone: +32 2 749 56 12


Fernand Rutten
Global Trade Practice Leader
Phone: +32 496 57 49 66
Nick Moris
EMEA GTS COE Practice Leader
Phone: +32 2 600 66 03
Pablo Lecour
UK GTS Practice Leader
Phone: +44 7880 785670
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