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Euranet Plus: Collaboration and invoice management

SharePoint Online (Office 365) implementation

Reporting is a crucial process within the Euranet Plus value chain since it leads to invoice payment and DG COMM funds collection. 

The reporting aims at providing a detailed update on Euranet Plus operations to the DG COMM on a bi-monthly basis.

Several solutions, like a collaboration platform, invoice management tool and leave request application, were developed with SharePoint 2013 to meet the business requirements and to facilitate synergy between all the involving partners. 


While closely involving the different partners in Euranet Plus’ value chain, following actions were undertaken:

  • Analysis of the day to day operations and description of the business processes.
  • Development of a document management tool, with multiple collaboration features in SharePoint Online.
  • Implementation of an automatic notification system to all the radio members to contribute in the bimonthly reporting.
  • Design of an invoice management tool that streamlines the payment processes and boosts productivity.
  • Deployment of a leave request tool that lets the employees apply for leave directly online (with automatic approval features).
  • Change management and rollout of the solution.
  • End-user training sessions.


This collaboration platform allows Euranet Plus members to cooperate closely together with the member radio stations all over Europe in order to deliver high quality reports to DG COMM on time.

The implementation of the invoice management tool and leave request application in SharePoint 2013, boosts efficiency and productivity. 



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