Digital commercial insurance underwriting

Unlock the full potential of your team with intelligent automation and process digitalisation

Many insurance companies are at a turning point for commercial underwriting. We believe that the future of commercial underwriting resides in the capability to automate and digitalise the rating exercise without sacrificing your capability to fully customise your pricing and underwriting process.

The Deloitte Digital Commercial Underwriting accelerator combines several solutions that will allow you to digitalise your rating activity. Download the brochure to discover how:

  • Automation can help you increase your efficiency
  • Flexible solutions allow you to manage the rating exercise of all your lines of business in a single platform
  • Digitalisation enriches your underwriting experience by integrating financials, risk management, strategic objectives, and claims experience in your pricing process
  • You can connect your customised rating engines, core insurance layer, CRM and financial solutions for a fully integrated and end-to-end commercial underwriting architecture

Deloitte Digital Commercial Underwriting


Deloitte Digital Commercial Underwriting accelerator powered by Anaplan is raising the bar to set a one- stop- shop of underwriting information. The Anaplan platform is a nice add-on to your customer engagement platform (e.g., Salesforce) to provide new portfolio insights, prioritisation and analytics to target strategic clients and increase business volumes.
- Cédric Deleuze

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